In Circadia

Premiere March 3-5, 2017, BodyVox, Portland

If your dreams were a dance, this is what they would look like
— Huffington Post

In Circadia traverses the semiconscious space of sleep, exploring the mutable states of being that permeate our resting lives. By evoking the rich texture of reverie, the work considers what is hidden and revealed in the dream state—not in the dream itself, but in that ineffable space where you can almost remember what happened, just out of sight, out of memory. Through the medium of dance, In Circadia examines the emotionality and fascination of slumber.

In Circadia has been featured in Portland's Willamette Week and profiled in the Huffington Post

Choreography by Eliza Larson in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Katie Burks, Taylor Eggan, Sara Himmelman, Erin Kraemer, Eliza Larson, Ella Matweyou, and Ruth Nelson