Sirenum Scopuli: Song at Anthemoessa

Sirenum Scopuli is further development of the themes and ideas from the 2014 solo, You Are Happy.  Working with Siren imagery from Homar's the Odyssey, this duet was a reinvisioning of the mythology from the Siren's point of view.  The choreography used both water and feather imagery, along with 5 lbs of duck feathers, to craft a tactile world.

Premiere November 2015, Studio 2,  presented byMuddy Feet.   Performed by Stephanie Ennes and Erin Kraemer. Music by Nils Frahm,  Sidsil Endresen, Christian Wallumrød and Helge Sten, The Baka Forest People of South East Cameroon, Nils Frahm. Lighting by Robin Greenwood.

Photo credit: Lindsay Hile.

You Are Happy

You Are Happy is a sensual, surreal, and sensorial solo performance by Mountain Empire's Eliza Larson.  Rooted in the physical with an imaginative eye towards the mythical, the world of Homer’s Sirens is drawn anew in this interdisciplinary solo.  Imbued with memories, physical residue, and the essence of emotion, the performance moves between dance and performance art, abstract and literal film imagery, and includes movement, image, text, sound, and a very large dress.

Premiere:  June 2014, PortFringe Festival. Portland, ME.  Performed by Eliza Larson. Videography and Editing by Eliza Larson. Original Score by Benjamin Chakoain Jones and Stephen Turney. Lighting by Troy David Mercier.

Photo credit: Troy David Mercier

The Space Between

How far is it from me to you?  From here to there?  If I inhale your breath as you exhale, are we connected now?  The Space Between is an exploration of the visible and invisible spaces that connect and separate us all.

Premiere February 2013, Smith College.  Performed by Emma Dreyfus, Emily Izer, Michelle Marroquin, Addie Reine, and Sabina Smith-Moreland. Music by Oval, Mira Calix, Splashgirl, and Eple Trio.  Lighting by Dan Rist.