Mountain Empire Performance Collective

Premiere:  2015, Conduit Dance+ Performance Festival , July 8-11,  Performance LAB, Reed College, Portland, OR.

Choreography by Eliza Larson, direction and instruction by Barbara Tait

Performed by Eliza Larson with Barbara Tait (video)

Music by Now Ensemble, Topaz Rags, and Nils Frahm


Solo/Solo is a collection of collaborative solo performances created using sourced written material.  Initially conceptualized through writing, each dancer is tasked with translating this written material to the body through the creation of a solo.  These solos can exist alone, but they are also intended to be performed in tandem, using improvisation and the choreographed material as a way to interact and compose two or more solos as a group piece in real time. 

Solo/Solo is an experiment in creating work that is sourced from without but formed from our desires. 

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Photo credit: Jim Lykins.